Les Mills Pump - Flow

Day 85/90 Les Mills Pump

Day 85/90 Les Mills Pump

Its the start of the day and the end of the year. So we start today as we have started most of days the last part of this year, with our morning workout. We are coming to the end of the Les Mills Pump 90 day workout schedule and are looking forward to starting Les Mills Combat 60 day program for the New Year.

When we started Les Mills Pump two of the beginning workouts where Les Mills Pump – Flow and Les Mills Pump – Hard Core Abs, both kicked our butt the first time we had to do them. It’s kind of ironic that they are the scheduled workouts for the end of the year. When you start the program you do one of the workouts a day and now we are doing them both on the same day. We have come so far in this journey for fitness….it will be exciting to see what we accomplish in 2013! As our motto says its time!

So get up, get moving and push play to start the day! 

Les Mills Combat
Les Mills Pump – Hardcore Abs
Les Mills Combat - Combat Kick Start
Les Mills Pump – Flow






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