Shakeology Holiday Weight Loss

Holiday Weight LOSS…That’s Right!


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Shakeology Holiday Weight Loss

Holiday Weight LOSS…That’s Right!

Rely on Shakeology to help keep you from overeating this holiday season!

That’s what Paula did last year, and to her surprise, she actually lost weight instead of packing it on. And you can too!

“Believe it or not, I actually lost 3 pounds over the holidays! Before I started drinking Shakeology, I would have been happy not to gain twice that! Shakeology makes me feel so full and it just takes away my cravings. The sweets were all around me, but the temptation just wasn’t there.”

So if you want to lose weight this holiday season, instead of gaining a few unwanted pounds, there’s one thing you need to do:

Drink a glass of Shakeology before holiday meals and parties.

Shakeology helps you resist those sugary treats because it has:

  • Dozens of nutrients that help you fight cravings
  • Proteins and amino acids that leave you satisfied and help reduce your urge to overeat
  • A deliciously chocolatey taste that delights your sweet tooth, so you don’t feel deprived when dessert comes around.

Plus, you can use Shakeology to make delicious (and healthy) desserts too. Instead of showing up with fattening food at your next holiday party, whip together one of these quick, easy, and most importantly, healthy recipes-and start a new tradition!

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I’ll be putting out some Shakeology Holiday Recipes over the holidays to give you healthier options to some of your favorite dishes.



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