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Cody J I Lost 48 Pounds and Now Have Abs!

Cody J. I Lost 48lbs and Now I Have Abs!

Meet Cody J.! He participated in The Beachbody Challenge and won the $500 Daily Prize for September 5th!

My life before Les Mills Combat was pretty bland and very unhealthy. I was a struggling musician who had faced a lot of hardships in a short amount of time and it was starting to show, both physically and mentally. I constantly hit up happy hours, ate horribly, and just let myself go to the point that I couldn’t stand who I had become. My motivation to do something about my condition began when people started commenting about how horrible I looked and were joking about the weight I had packed on. I wanted to change, but how?

Then one night I was browsing YouTube videos and watching other people’s transformations when I came across a Beachbody Coach, Jennifer L.’s, video. I contacted Jennifer, told her about my background and lost passion for martial arts, and she highly recommended COMBAT. Once I started doing COMBAT, I never looked back.

My biggest challenge was believing in myself again and finding the willpower to stick with working out and making the changes I so desperately wanted to make. Thankfully, through the support of my Coach (and now girlfriend) and the motivation of friends, I stopped holding myself back and started pushing beyond where I thought I could ever go. What I really liked about COMBAT was that the trainers took the time to walk you through the proper techniques as well as showed you how to modify the moves that either made the workouts more intense, or made them doable on your level, yet still challenging.

In addition to working out daily, Shakeology, Energy and Endurance, P90X Results and Recovery Formula, and ActiVit Multivamins were a huge help in my transformation. I’m not a breakfast person but Shakeology filled the void and provided me with the nutrients I needed to start the day off right. E&E was INCREDIBLE. I’ve never taken a pre-workout supplement that made me feel so energized. P90X Results and Recovery kept me from feeling beaten down the next day as well as kept me on track to keep pushing play. And ActiVit gave me more energy than ever as I went about my daily routine.

The results I’ve achieved through Beachbody are nothing short of amazing! I went from being a 208-pound overweight and careless couch potato to a lean, shredded, and dedicated 160-pound athlete in just 60 days. I just turned 30 and I’m in better shape now than I’ve ever been—and I have the abs to prove it! COMBAT not only helped me change my outlook on life, it helped me get into incredible shape, and it led me to my lovely girlfriend/Coach. Finally, I found that fire within me that I thought was long, long gone. Thanks Beachbody!

Les Mills Combat - Power Kata 45

Les Mills Combat Day 10/60

Les Mills Combat Day 10/60

Yesterday was day 10/60 but I didn’t have internet access to make a post. My trip is going great having my workouts download to my Ipad has made it possible for me to get my workouts done throughout my trip. The workout for day 10 is Power Kata 45

So get up, get moving and push play to start the day!

Les Mills Combat - Power Kata 45
Les Mills Combat – Power Kata 45


“Katas” are martial arts training methods that develop technique and flow. This workout combines speed and power with cross training for complete calorie scorching. (45 minutes)